Adventures of Eric is an American MGM Kids TV show produced by GoAnimate Studios and Method Animation and based upon the EricAnimate characters and “The Eric Show” created by Mo Wellems and GoAnimate, the PlayStation game series, “LittleBigPlanet”, and the Playmobil-inspired CGI television series, “Super 4”. The series was made with GoAnimate4Schools using Comedy World. The series' rating is TV-G. It was created by Brian Sharp.


Eric WalkerEdit

  • Voiced by Eric

Eric Walker is the main character and hero of the series. Although he's a high school graduate, he could be scatter-brained, which explains why he wasn't be able to answer the question about “Who invented the phone?”.

Victor PearsonEdit

  • Voiced by​​​​​ Joey

Victor Pearson is Eric's friend in the series. He tells Eric stories about his adventures in the Waffle Kingdom.

He sometimes assists Eric in Klicky Enemy battles in some episodes.

DeDeDe BaronEdit

  • Voiced by​​​​​ Simon

DeDeDe Baron is the main antagonist in the series. He sometimes teams up with either Black Baron or King DeDeDe to battle Kirby or the Super 4.



GoAnimate StudiosEdit

Series Creator, Director and Storyboard ArtistEdit

  • Brian Sharp

Executive ProducersEdit

  • Brian Sharp
  • Eric Nagler


  • Brian Sharp

Assistant DirectorEdit

  • Cyril Adam

Storyboard ArtistsEdit

  • C. Eluborn
  • Victor Tartvosky
  • Preston Brown

Layout ArtistEdit

  • Ramsey Naito


  • C. Eluborn
  • Ramsey Naito
  • Brian Sharp

Head of StudioEdit

  • Alvin Hung

Music and Sound Effects byEdit

  • GoAnimate Sound Studio


  • Brian Sharp
  • C. Eluborn

Business and Legal AffairsEdit

  • Julie Mainson